Hip-Hop is Alive and Well.

It is obvious that in the recent years the rap game has changed. Some of us old schoolers are left craving good quality music quench our need for something to nod your head to. Well, I am hear to tell you it still exist and its not far from home. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two Roanoke based rappers. The infamous LadyLOE, a hard core, raspy-style Brooklyn native that brought her talents to Roanoke and The fast spitting Larry'O, originally from the heart of Detroit he moved to Roanoke then to Charlotte to expand on his career but still remains number one on the local charts. Please check these two out!   

The latest from Larry'O: Too Real

The latest from LadyLOE: Boom

Love Is...

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of creating an engagement shoot for a beautiful couple. The shoot took place in the streets of downtown Roanoke and as you can see the smiles and sparks came naturally. Thanks again to these two, it was an honor.

Best Thing on Netflix

I recently found myself surfing the ocean that is Netflix and happened to stumble upon the perfect wave. Tales by Light is an Australian documentary reality television series airing on Netflix and National Geographic. The program is branded content and a joint venture between National Geographic and Canon which follows a number of professional photographers travelling around the world to capture images which tell a story. This show is fantastic, a photographers dream. Available in 4k resolution with it's vivid color and almost true to life resolution, it almost feels like you are there sharing in the experience. I myself have watched all of season 1 and enjoyed every moment,  and will soon venture into season 2. I am really looking forward to it. 


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